Monday, March 25, 2013

How To Know If Your Website Is Under Optimized

The past several years have been very dynamic when it comes to how websites compete with each other. The visibility and popularity of a particular website highly depends on how search engine friendly it is. This is the reason why the trend has been how to optimize websites for search engines so that they can be easily seen, making them land in the top search results for particular search keywords and key phrases.

While some website owners prefer to get the services of an SEO company in the Philippines, there are some who choose to undergo SEOtraining in the Philippines so that they can handle the search engine optimization of their websites themselves. No matter how you want to have your site optimized, it is very important that you at least know whether your website is under optimized or not. Below are some of the identifying characteristics of an under optimized website.
  • Low quality content. Ask yourself, will you go to your own site for its content? If your answer is no, then it is time to make an overhaul and start putting high quality articles that people will really visit and read. Make sure that your content is well written, highly relevant, and unique.
  • Visually unpleasing. Look at your website. Is the design visually pleasing to you? If the colors, fonts, borders, images, and other design aspects do not go well together to form a cohesive, well designed website, then make a visual overhaul of it. Feel free to consult with a web design artist and if you want search engines to index your website, limit your use of Flash and JavaScript.
  • Not user friendly. Sometimes even if your website is visually pleasing and you have unique, high quality content, you can still lose visitors if your website is difficult to navigate. Make sure that your visitors can easily maneuver their way around your website. Use clear categories and make a site map available for your visitors. Everything that your website has to offer should be easily accessible so that your visitors do not need to browse through several pages just to find what they are looking for.
  • Broken links. Always check all the links that you have in your website are in perfect working condition. If not, fix all broken links or redirect the links to a page that will not confuse your visitor. 

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