Thursday, July 4, 2013

Online Shopping: How To Know If An Online Store Is Trustworthy

Online shopping has been a very engaging activity for many Internet users. Instead of going to actual physical stores, the Internet has it possible to shop for almost any kind of product from the comforts of your own home. However, just like with every Internet activity that you engage in, it is very important to exert caution when shopping online and to make sure that your financial and personal security will not be compromised.
Among the things that you can do to ensure your security, one of them is to make sure that the website you are buying from is trustworthy. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to find websites that offer great deals that just seem too good to be true especially with the link building services that these sites make use of to increase their popularity. Once you found a website like this, how do you know that the website is trustworthy? Below is a guide to help you.

·         Customer feedbacks and reviews. The best way to find out if an online store will deliver the services and products that you are expecting, is to read feedbacks and reviews from previous customers. While some online stores have a section where they publish customer feedbacks and reviews, do not just rely on these because you will not see a negative feedback there. Research online for more accurate feedbacks and reviews. Even if an online store uses excellent SEO strategies, you should be able to find these accurate feedbacks and reviews by typing the store’s name in the Google search box.
·         Website security. The rule of thumb for online shopping is not to shop in a website that is not secure. Make sure that the website can securely process all your payment and personal information. Check that the website uses SSL technology by looking for the closed padlock image on the lower right hand corner of your browser or in the address bar. The address bar should also have ‘https://’ instead of ‘http://’ Some websites even use Verisign or other security measures to make sure that all your financial information is not compromised.
·         Check contact information. An online store that only has a contact form for you to fill up and no other contact information seems suspicious. If it is a trustworthy website then it should provide you with several ways of contacting them by providing a phone number, an email address, or an online chat support.

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