Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How To Manage Your Site Through The Google Penguin

After the significant effects that the Google Panda has made on how websites are ranked, the latest Google Penguin update has again made a lot of changes that can affect how many websites are ranked in search results. The latest Google Penguin update was released last May 22, 2013 and has been dubbed Penguin 2.0. It might be noticeable to many website owners because 2.3% of English-US queries are reportedly affected.
Unlike other updates that are just considered to be data refresh, this fourth Penguin update is an actual algorithm update. Hopefully, if you have an SEO company handling your website, they will be able to handle and manage any effects that the Penguin update might have on your website. If you do not hire any company, you can get some SEO consulting services or you can read below to help you manage your website through this Penguin update.
  • Make use of various media for your content. Do not limit your website content to articles and posts. Content does not mean text alone. Expand the media of your website content by putting in videos, slideshows, PDF files, infographics, and podcasts. The same rule for text content applies to these other media content – the higher quality they are, the better.
  • Market your content. Your content will not serve its purpose unless you market them so that they can be seen by others. Promote your website content through other websites especially through social media networks. Share links to your website’s videos, infographics, podcasts, articles, and images through Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. Good content that can pique the interest of others can easily go viral amongst your target market. You can also put up your videos on YouTube or Vimeo, your slides and PDF files on SlideShare and Docstoc. 
  • Link pages in your website internally. Internal linking is self-love and it works with Google. If you have created your content well and you have enough relevant yet diverse content on your website then you should be able to link them to each other. You can make use of good anchor text and this practice will also help your visitors explore other pages in your website as well.
  • Optimize your site structure. The Google Penguin 2.0 update rewards websites that provide a good user experience and the goal is to reward high quality websites. Hence, the structure of your website is also very important. Apply sound web design practices that make your website easy to navigate and well organized.

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