Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Best Sites For Guest Posting

Despite the many changes that the Google Panda and Penguin has brought about to how websites are optimized, no one can deny the fact that SEO is continues to be a popularity game. How that popularity is measured is what changes. Hence, links to your website and mentions of your website remains to be important.
While bad SEO practices are being discouraged and are actually targeted by numerous Google updates, guest posting remains to be a good way for your website to earn some SEO brownie points. While some website owners partner with an SEO company to do this for them for some supposedly guaranteed SEO results, there are some who are more hands-on when it comes to promoting their websites.

If you belong to the more hands-on website owners, it pays to know the best places online where you can try to guest post. Below are some of these sites. Be warned though, that it can be quite difficult to get featured in many of the sites listed below.
  • Mashable. A site where you can find articles or posts about almost anything, Mashable is a great site to get noticed while providing an excellent PageRank of 8. Sharing of posts through various social media networks is very easy with Mashable so that you can easily promote your guest post too.

  • SmashingMagazine. For websites that are in the design, graphics, and coding niches, SmashingMagazine is where you should try to guest post. Not only will you be able to reach a large audience, this site will also provide an excellent SEO juice with its PageRank of 7.

  • Technorati. With a very wide variety of topics such as lifestyle, sports, business, entertainment, technology, social media, and politics, Technorati is the “It” site to be featured in no matter what topic or niche your site may be in. Its PageRank of 8 is not the single reason why you would want to guest post here because its very high traffic is another one.

  • CopyBlogger. With a PageRank of 6, CopyBlogger is definitely a good place to guest post on. Its focus is on content marketing, email marketing, copywriting, and internet marketing, so if your site is related to any of these topics, CopyBlogger is a good site to aspire for.

  • ReadWriteWeb. If your website’s focus is in technology, then ReadWrite’s PageRank of 7 is an excellent reason to guest post on this website. It is also quite easy to share your post with the many social network buttons available on each post, allowing you to promote your post to your own social media network.

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Guide To Post-Penguin Linking

The way people do search engine optimization has changed so much over the years. This is mainly because of the many updates that Google has likewise done to its search algorithm to address bad SEO practices. The most recent Google update that has made huge impacts on how websites are ranked is the Penguin 2.0. Because of the frequent updates, a website owner will need to have frequent SEO consulting services to keep up with the changes.

If you are one of those who are undergoing SEO training in the Philippines, you should be aware of how the Penguin 2.0 has changed how SEO is done. Among the changes brought about by the Penguin is how linking is done to increase a website’s rankings. Below is a guide on what not to do when trying to get links for your website.

  • Paying another website to link to your website. Google does not allow buying links, so paying another website to link to your website is not the way to get links. Do not be tempted even if another website has a high page rank because Google will penalize your website if you do.

  • Using hidden links. Some websites put links that are hidden or cannot be seen by the typical site visitor. This is not allowable with Google and can also get you penalized.

  • Having broken links. It is important to fix all broken links because it can be detected by Google and might cause you to lose page ranking.

  • Excessive use of anchor text. Years back, many websites are optimized for targeted keywords which are often repeatedly used as anchor text when linking to the website. Unfortunately, this could get you penalized by Google because it is indicative of links that are not natural and organic. So make sure that the anchor texts used to link to your website are varied.

  • Getting links from bad websites. Not all links are good for your website. Websites which may be considered bad or spammy by Google are not the best websites to get links from. If Google penalizes a website linking to your site, your website’s rankings may also get adversely affected.

  • Linking to bad websites. Aside from getting penalized by getting links from bad websites, Google also looks at the websites that you are linking to. If a particular website is spammy and uses black hat SEO, then your site will get the same treatment from Google.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tips For Content Writing After Google Penguin 2.0

The most recent Google update, referred to as the Penguin 2.0, is an update on the search algorithm and targets how content is presented and shared on websites. In other words, the Penguin 2.0 changes how content should be written to be able to rank high in search engine results pages. This Google update has a huge impact on the field of SEO and will directly affect how content is written.

Whether you are an SEO expert way before the Penguin 2.0 or you are still having SEO training in the Philippines, you will need to know how to write content that is good for Penguin 2.0. No matter how many years you have had in the field of SEO, ranking well means adhering to the guidelines set by the Penguin 2.0. Below are some tips to help you.
  • Use a variety of anchor texts. Gone are the days when you set several anchor texts which you use for many weeks and months. Using the same anchor texts over and over again can trigger Google to think of your website as spam. If the use of anchor text for links are seriously used and followed for many years, this is not the case nowadays after Penguin 2.0. What you can do is to use a variety of anchor texts instead.
  • Use branded anchor text. After Penguin 2.0, the use of branded anchor text will be popular among content creators. Branded anchor texts are simply anchor texts that have the company name or URL on it. This is also a way to directly promote your brand or URL. Branded anchor texts are also used as a way to diversify anchor texts.
  • Cite your references. It will be good for any article that you are planning to write if you cite all your references. Not only will it help you create a better article, it will also provide you with a way to learn so much more regarding the topic. Your article will help readers to find other references related to your article.
  • Make it well-written. Just like before, content should always be well-written. Not only about the topic itself but also when it comes to grammar and spelling. Make sure to check all the grammar and spelling of the words in your article. Finally, before you publish or submit anything, make sure to check and double check your article before hitting the publish button.